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Choosing the Right Hosting Company

Imagine if you drove to the store during business hours to buy a much-needed item, only to find that it was closed. You might think twice about going there again and drive to a competitor store to purchase your item instead. This is the same way your potential buyers would
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Evaluating Your Competition

Evaluating the competitive landscape is an important step in developing a successful business. Having a grasp of who your competitors are and how they do business allows you to learn from their successes and failures. In turn, you can find ways to make your business stand-apart and attract more customers.
Handling Accounting transactions well is crucial to your business’ success. Whether you buy software to perform all tasks in-house, or rely on an outside web-based service, you will need to track: money coming in and going out; inventory levels; sales performance; and customer data. The more closely your
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Choosing a Successful Name

The domain name is a unique name that identifies your website. It can be the same as your company or a variation of it. Make your name as memorable and relevant as possible to the product or service you are offering. A clever, one-of-a-kind name may also help you stand
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Understanding the Basics of Public Relations

A well-planned, well-managed, targeted public relations program can help your business grow. But, you need to start by gaining an understanding of what PR is all about. Taking the time to understand that PR is about planned communications and building solid relationships with your publics, de-mystifies the public relations
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Understanding the Basics of Online Advertising

No business can afford to waste money on ineffective advertising. Research all your options, and target your ads to a specific audience whenever possible. Keep a close eye on measurable methods like pay-per-click advertising and modify your approach as often as necessary. And don’t forget that effective advertising isn’t just
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Understanding the Basics of Marketing and Branding

Your marketing efforts have a direct impact on how people perceive the quality and value of your offerings. Every time your company communicates with customers, vendors and other business partners, you are employing the principals of marketing. Marketing encompasses everything from your graphics and content to your advertising plan.
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