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In 1999, Lisa Rae created her first online small business eCommerce website. She successfully achieved a client base of over 15,000 active customers by implementing customer creation and retention projects. Her execution of online advertising campaigns, as well as print media campaigns that lead to annual revenue of over a million dollars annually. After six years of leadership, Lisa Rae sold the company and began offering marketing consultant and website services on short and long term contracts for businesses of various sizes. She meets her clients’ objectives through customized marketing plans using a wide range of marketing tools including WordPress website creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, print collateral, email marketing, and more.

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Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is often the first step online retailers take to get noticed among a growing stream of competitors. Why? Landing at the top of a search list can increase traffic exponentially. Plus, initial investment is virtually non-existent and a few strategic enhancements can pay off big time. Still, you should consi
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Understanding the Basics of Marketing to Current Customers

Your current customers are like gold to your business. Once you have an established customer database, you definitely want to spend the greater portion of your marketing budget trying to retain their business. Be careful not to harass your customers with frequent sales messages; they’ll quickly tune you out
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Understanding the Basics of Customer Service

Your customers are your partners in business and taking their wants and needs into account is your primary concern. Use each contact as an opportunity to win your customer’s trust and loyalty. Make good on your mistakes, quickly and with a positive attitude. Be sure your smile is heard when handling inquiri
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Understanding Basic Business Legalities

There are many legal issues facing businesses, and though they may seem overwhelming at first, most business owners manage to navigate the sea of them and survive. Attorneys and accountants can prove invaluable, but there is also a multitude of information and assistance available online and through software
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Understanding the Basics of Online Advertising

No business can afford to waste money on ineffective advertising. Research all your options, and target your ads to a specific audience whenever possible. Keep a close eye on measurable methods like pay-per-click advertising and modify your approach as often as necessary. And don’t forget that effective adv
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